Froberrys Fabulous Formulations-Armour Salve 2oz


Froberrys Armour Salve 2oz

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This product works great on keeping rust and corrosion off of all metals. Can be used on Leather as well. It is however not suggested to use this on Suede. If your wearing Suede for Armour we need to talk. 🙂


PS.  It may make some leather darker it is suggested that you try a little on a part of your Armour not seen before you give it the whole shebang.

P.S.S This stuff ain’t no miracle cure. If it is used properly and applied after each use of your Armour, and I’m not talkin about pullin it out to show your friends, you should see good results for sure.

P.S.S.S.  You can use it as a LipBalm as well.  🙂 All natural ingriedients.


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